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Updating your Info at the FSB

Newsletter 13 provides guidance on how you can ensure that your records at the Regulator are up to date. The onus is on you to ensure this, so please follow these easy guidelines:

According to the survey results, 98% of the respondents’ preferred method of communication is e-mail. When corresponding with FSPs and Compliance Officers, the FAIS Department uses e-mail as our main method of communicating. However, we often find that the e-mail addresses on record are no longer valid. In these instances we will resort to faxing and posting of correspondence.

In terms of the license conditions included on the annexures to all FAIS licenses, all authorised FSPs are required to notify the FAIS Department of any changes in contact details within 15 days of the change occurring. This condition to the license is in many instances not complied with, which means that FSPs do not always receive the communication sent for their attention (whether it be requests for information, reminder letters, circulars etc).

An easy method of updating your contact details is to register to use the FAIS online reporting system and then make use of the option on the system for the updating of contact details. The system has been programmed so that the first time that you log onto the system you will be required to verify your contact details. Thereafter when updating your contact details you will use the “Query FSP detail” option (see below) and you can make the necessary changes to your contact details on the screen that follows:

If you have not yet registered to make use of the online reporting system there is a user manual available for download on the FSB website which provides step by step instructions on how to register and how to make use of the various functionalities offered by the system.

  • Go to
  • Click on “FAIS” in the top right hand corner
  • Under the heading “supervision Department” select the 6th option which reads “Use Guide for the online reporting system”

Ons vermoed dat die funksionaliteit van hierdie gerief nog aansienlik uitgebrei gaan word, en raai lesers ten sterkste aan om te registreer, as hulle dit nog nie gedoen het nie.

To assist readers in avoiding delays when raising queries with the Regulator, we scanned the information provided in the FSB’s FAIS Newsletter 13. You can download a copy here to make sure you get it right first time, every time.

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