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Two-bucket system only part of the solution to increasing pensions at retirement

Two-bucket system only part of the solution to increasing pensions at retirement, says Alexander Forbes

Alexander Forbes says it supports National Treasury’s proposed “two-bucket” system, as its latest Member Insights highlighted non-preservation as the main reason only 6% of fund members can expect to retire with a replacement ratio of more than 75%. The average fund member can expect a replacement ratio of 40.51%, while the actual ratio in 2020 […]

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Risk aversion in retirees during uncertain times

The key findings of Just SA’s latest tracking study Retirement Insights 2020 reveal the knock in confidence suffered by South African retirees and pre-retirees as a result of COVID-19, which has altered their views on the best way to invest their retirement savings. This year the “lite” tracking study specifically assessed the impact of COVID-19 […]

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SA retirement crisis – Are employers playing their required role?

The 10X Investments’ Retirement Reality Report (RRR20) discussed last week, confirmed SA’s looming retirement crisis and delved deeper into factors affecting people’s retirement planning in South Africa. Looking at the role of employers in South Africa’s retirement crisis, RRR19 shone a light on the missed opportunity of actively engaging employees in the savings process to […]

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Retirement is a Reality, not a Choice

The annual 10X Investments’ Retirement Reality Report (RRR20), released last week, is one of the most significant surveys published in a long time. It is of specific importance to financial advisers who face the difficult task of having to convince clients to prepare for the inevitable. Earlier this year, the Old Mutual Savings & Investment […]

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Boards of Retirement Funds – Expiration of term of office not part of FSCA mandate

In a recent communication the FSCA reminded all Boards of retirement funds and their administrators of the binding force of a fund’s rules in terms of section 13 of the Pension Funds Act, 1956, and in particular the impact thereof in respect of a Board’s terms of office. According to the communication the FSCA has been […]

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Retirement Fund Contributions during COVID-19 – IRFA reminds funds of options

The Institute of Retirement Funds Africa recently held and facilitated a Webinar on “Retirement Fund Contribution Options in the time of COVID-19,” and it is now freely available to employers, retirement funds and the general public. The Webinar features a panel of legal and subject matter experts and examines regulatory parameters in terms of options […]

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