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ASISA Retirement Savings Cost Disclosure Standard

– Aims to build trust not expose hidden costs “Big financial services companies may soon need to find new ways to pad their earnings, as a new industry standard is threatening to expose the financial service sector’s worst kept secret – hidden fees.” BusinessTech 7 April 2019 These and many other media reports recently commented […]

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Retirement fund default strategies

Trustees grappling with post-retirement risks According to a recent Moneyweb article, very few retirement funds have implemented default strategies ahead of the March 1, 2019 deadline. According to Barend le Grange, head of individual member support at Sanlam, a lot of funds are leaving the implementation of the default strategies quite late. Viresh Maharaj, chief executive for […]

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The state of the South African retirement crisis

A guaranteed income for life and leaving money for children and grandchildren are the most important needs for South Africans when reaching retirement. This is according to Just Retirement Insights, independent research commissioned by Just in which South Africans between the ages of 55 and 85 years in the major metropolitan areas were interviewed. When […]

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Retirement – Products need to adjust to stay relevant

The way we live has changed dramatically. This has an impact on the financial services industry as well. This is illustrated in a recent article written by Patrick Cairns in Moneyweb. Cairns rightfully asks the question: “Why save for retirement if you don’t intend to retire?” He questions how financial products being offered to employees […]

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Become a Retirement Fund Professional

Principal Executive Officers are the drivers of retirement funds in Southern Africa. Given the important role they play within the governance structure of a retirement fund, including the proper performance of the board of trustees, it is surprising that, up to now, very little was available in the form of a duly recognised NQF level […]

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Recoveries from Retirement Provision Funds

Strict process for companies wishing to recover stolen money from employee pension fund pay outs, cautions GTC. Employers cannot automatically claim money from an employee’s pension or provident fund when employees defraud them, in order to compensate for their loss. Even if a company wins the criminal case, employers need to apply for a court […]

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When must you retire?

Hierdie inligting word geplaas met die goedgunstige toestemming van Van der Spuy en Genote I am 59 years old and have been working for nearly 20 years at the same company. The office manager recently told me that I will have to retire when I am 60 as that is the age everyone retires from […]

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