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Trends in crime against businesses – Interesting variance between annual and quarterly figures

Bryte, a proactive business risk specialist, recently released its Q1 2019 Crime Tracker, an indicator of long-term crime trends in South Africa as captured by Bryte’s insurance claims records for the period January to March 2019. The Q1 2019 Bryte Crime Tracker measures the annual change, on a quarterly basis, in crime-related claims (hijacking, robbery, theft and […]

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6 Steps to write good Facebook posts for your adviser business

In June 2019 there were an estimated 17,1 million Facebook users in South Africa, which accounts for 29.3% of the entire population. Although it is much less compared to the global figures, the growth in South African social media users has been remarkable. Besides sharing photos and to stay in touch with friends and family, […]

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Business or commercial insurance?

Business or commercial insurance? – Advisor’s duty to ensure clients are correctly covered The conundrum of business vs commercial vehicle insurance is once again showcased in one of the most recent determinations issued by the Office of the FAIS Ombud. An insurer originally rejected a client’s claim because the client (“the complainant”) used the insured […]

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