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Rugby Colours & Onto the real deal

I could not help thinking of Donavan’s memorable song “Colours” when contemplating this column. While the Bulls hogged the lime(?)light for obvious reasons, a few other factors related to hues also raised some eyebrows, and some cards.

Was Hougaard’s red card justified? With my limited knowledge, perhaps the new white card would have been more appropriate. The fact that his opponent was being supported at the time of the tackle must have caused some doubt in the mind of the ref.

And how does a one-match suspension compare with that of the Aussie who was banned for ten weeks for accidentally making eye contact (sorry, contact with the eye area) of an opponent? Schalk Burger was also fined quite heavily for a similar unintended transgression.

This reminds me of the guy who was charged with assault. In court he explained himself as follows: “I thought he was going to hit me, so I hit him back first.”

Perhaps the time has come for a “trial by telly” tribunal. One member from each of the participating countries, can view the incident and concur on the appropriate verdict and sentence. In Hougaardt’s case, the time that he was off the field was seen as a mitigating circumstance. The next thing we are likely to see is that a sentence will be reduced even further for apologising to your “victim” by Twitter (as Hougie did) or on Facebook.

As die toekoms van rugby lyk soos Saterdag se wedstryd tussen die Haaie en Stormers, gaan ek vra dat Mweb ernstig daaraan dink om vêrspoeg in Afghanistan as alternatief aan te bied. Hoe is dit moontlik dat die Stormers se begaafde agterspelers week na week niks vermag nie, behalwe Applon uit gebroke spel? Ek kon sweer ek het gehoor hulle het ‘n agterlyn afrigter. Nou sê Coetzee dat verdediging instinktief gebeur, en dat die aanval- vermoë van die span binnekort op peil sal wees.

Snert. Met sulke begaafde spelers is dit juis hul aanvallende vermoë wat hulle gebring tot daar waar hulle is. Dis wanneer jy dit uit hulle uit “coach” dat hulle dit verloor.

Die Bulle lyk in hierdie vroeë stadium regtig na die span wat die toon aangee. Interessant genoeg, is die 5 SA spanne ook voor wat bonuspunte betref. Ons het 5, NZ 4 en Aus 3.

Ongelukkig dra die Sharks, wat nog nie gewen het nie, 40% van ons “span” se totaal by.

Die Blou is pienk, die swart is blou, die oranje is bleek geel, die rooi is rooi (in die gesig). Die blou in die suide is in die swart, met die dat hulle vandag voor is op die log danksy ‘n loslootjie.

Nogal jammer dat hulle nie vyf punte toeken vir die loslootjie nie, dan het my span ook ‘n kans gestaan om dit darem een keer reg te kry.

Nag ou Grote!

Onto the real deal by Bobby
The Protea selectors and coaching staff will be delighted with the results of the tour so far. The faith they have shown in the players, new and old, has been returned with solid performances and a two series win, with the third series still to play for.

Consistent performances by batsmen, AB, Amla, Faf, and bowlers, Morne Morkel and Lopsy has been too much to deal with for the lippy New Zealanders who seemed to have quietened down quite a bit!

Although it was pleasing to see the strong performance in the short version of the game, I believe that our strength lies in the long version of the game, namely test cricket, when facing the Black Caps.

The Kiwi’s skipper, Ross Raylor, returns to the fray, as does Daniel Vetori and quickie Chris Martin. All three class cricketers in their own right who should strengthen the Black Caps significantly.

For the Proteas, Graeme Smith returns as skipper as well as Jacques Kallis after missing the last ODI due to injury. Mark Boucher, Jacques Rudolfp, Imran Tahir and Vernon Philander joins the test squad and are all likely to play. The latter is my prediction as the main wicket taker in the test series – conditions should suit him perfectly.

This will be Mark Boucher’s last tour of New Zealand as he aims to retire after the England tour this year. This decision should ease the pressure on Mark, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do well.

Cricket South Africa (CSA) do confuse me though – they opted to hand Tsolekile a national contract despite the fact that he was not picked recently or included originally for the New Zealand tour, yet they have not given Merchant de Lange a national contract! Surely it is obvious who is more likely to have an international career. If you also take into account that Tsolekile is by no means the favourite to take over from Boucher . Dane Vilas is a better batsmen by far and a fast improving keeper and, if we really want to play the age card, much younger!

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