Regulatory Exam Material Update

The following message currently appears on the Inseta Website:

Regulatory Exams Learning Material

The BANKSETA is currently revising the RE Learning Materials that INSETA developed in 2014. The revised RE Learning Materials will be made available on the websites of both the INSETA and BANKSETA during the second week on May 2018. To access the old material, please follow the below link.

A number of readers have expressed great concern about having to prepare for an exam where the content has changed without having access to amended study material. Some called us “irresponsible” for publishing the current material on our website. In view of this, we have decided to remove the outdated Inseta material until the amended guides are available. Candidates will have to check the Inseta website for updates. We will also replace it, once available, and advise readers.

Candidates with a 30 June 2018 deadline are particularly concerned. Many of them have elected to write earlier so as to be able to rewrite in case they do not pass at the first attempt. Using study material that is not updated cannot be good for one’s confidence.

The best we can do at the moment is to indicate which of the Qualifying Criteria are affected by the new Fit and Proper requirements, and ask that candidates and trainers identify the relevant tasks, and amend it according to the new F&P requirements.

Candidates writing the RE 5 for representatives should note that only one task is affected by the new legislation, not the entire study guide.

Regulatory Examination Task Criteria
RE1 Task 3 Criteria 1 – 3
Task 4 Criteria 1 – 15
Task 5 Criteria 1 – 11
Task 13 Criteria 1 – 2
Task 15 Criteria 1 – 5
RE5 Task 8 Criteria 3 & 8

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