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RE Exams Statistics

We provide a link below for those who wish to study the latest statistics in more detail. We list some of the more interesting facts emerging from the figures. These figures relate to those who were obliged to write by the end of June 2012, prior to the new extended deadline:

  • A total of 2 108 sole proprietors were required to write the exams. Only 33 (0.3%) made no attempt to write.
  • In total, 249 FSPs, excluding sole proprietors, made no attempt to write. This constituted 2.5% of the total.
  • The total number of key individuals who were obliged to write came to 15 335. They represented 9 895 FSPs.
  • The number of juristic representatives who were required to write by 30/6 2012 amounted to 1 785, or 12% of the total number of actual key individuals.
  • There were 588 Category II FSPs who were required to write the RE 3 exam. Of these, 38, or 6.5% elected not to write.
  • All 54 key individuals in Category III wrote and passed the RE 4.
  • The number of representatives who were obliged to write came to 78 256. 90% of them wrote at least once before the June 2012 deadline, and 91% of those passed the RE 5 and RE 55 (Afrikaans exam).

Please click here to download the statistics these figures were taken from.

The FSB, in conjunction with Inseta, ran a RE Preparation Workshop via a telematics broadcast. If you require a DVD copy of this workshop of 22 February 2013, please click here to order.

Those who are still obliged to write can download the schedules, containing dates and venues, below.

Latest schedule of Dates, Times and Venues visit our Exams page

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