Proposed Ban on Sale of Used Car Parts

Yet another example of fools rushing in where angels fear to tread was reported in an article in the Weekend Argus. Legalbrief reports as follows:

An amendment to the National Road Traffic Management Act that would ban the sale of used car parts has angered the industry, prompting predictions that the law will force thousands of businesses to close down next year, notes a Weekend Argus report. An insurance industry spokesperson said it was gearing up to take the matter to court. Dawie Buys, motor manager at the SA Insurance Association, said the matter was likely to be debated at the association’s next board meeting on 1 July. John Hunt, part owner of the Boyz group of companies, which deals in spare parts in Durban, said the government ‘has no idea of the marketplace’. ‘We are stripping 2012, 2013 model cars. One side may be damaged, the other three not, so those parts are in excellent condition. They have clearly not consulted the industry, insurance companies or other players in the market,’ he said. Andrew Ensor-Smith, of ES Brokers, said banning the sale of second-hand car spares would be something the government needed to consider very carefully. ‘The ripple effect is enormous and reaches out to many legitimate businesses.’

Clearly, there is not the slightest comprehension of the actual outcome, if they proceed with this decision. This is yet another example of people who are so intent on a mission that they lose all perspective of the real outcome of their planned actions.

Other, more positive amendments proposed by the Transport Department include introducing regulations governing driving instructors, and a proposal that cars older than 10 years be tested for roadworthiness every two years, as from the end of this year.

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