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Ringing in the Changes

I experienced a rare “I told you so” moment when I read yesterday that coach Meyer agreed with my views on patience – both from the players and supporters. But too much of a good thing is not good, goes the saying. (Or wonderful, as Mae West and Nerine, my partner in crime at Moonstone, […]

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Outsurance Ad Update

The original article published by RiskSA regarding a misleading advertisement elicited a response from OUTsurance. The original article reported on a finding by the Code of Complaints Committee of SAIA that a particular OUTsurance television advertisement was “misleading, non-factual and non-verifiable” and was therefore in breach of the SAIA Code. The direct insurer was instructed […]

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Compliance Officers Required

Due to recent developments in the market, there is a substantial increase in demand for our compliance services. We recently published an article on the qualification criteria for COs, which interested parties can download here. If you see a future for yourself with the fastest growing independent compliance services provider in the country, please submit […]

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The Real Laws of Nature

At this time of year, little things can be far more irritating than ten months ago. Do not feel alone. Law of Mechanical Repair – After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you’ll have to wee. Law of Gravity – Any tool, nut, bolt, screw, when dropped, will […]

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Ombud Complaints Analysed

Ombud Complaints Analysed A reader recently pointed out an interesting statistic published in the FAIS Ombud’s annual report. Less than 20% of the complaints received in the last year, concerned investments. He says that, if you extract those in respect of property syndications, this number would be considerably lower. Complaints about investments were beaten into […]

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Inseta Vouchers Available

Inseta has 1 000 vouchers available to those looking for financial support in obtaining a full qualification. This applies equally to those already studying towards a recognised qualification, and those wanting to start on the way to enlightenment. For this reason, there is no fixed amount attached to the vouchers. It will cover all the […]

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European Tour Overview

European Tour Overview The difference between the All Blacks and the Springboks is exactly the same as that which differentiates their supporters. After a very touching opening to the match (the band stopped playing halfway through Flower of Scotland, leaving the audience to finish on their own), the All Blacks bided their time, waiting for […]

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Did Direct Insurer Transgress?

An on-line article concerning an advert of a direct insurer which transgressed the Code of Conduct of a professional body, was removed this morning. We also prepared an article on this, but decided to refrain from publishing it until the reason for the withdrawal is known. The advert apparently contained a price comparison in which […]

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Moving a Short-term Book

Publication of the FAIS Ombud’s annual report provides a great learning opportunity every year. We believe that learning from someone else’s mistakes is far better than from your own. A subject that made the headlines regularly in recent times, concerns selling and taking over a short-term insurance book. This topic also features in the Ombud’s […]

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