Moonstone Training Extended

We are proud to introduce a major new player in the financial services training field.

After the acquisition of PSG Academy earlier this year, Moonstone merged its existing training offering, Moonstone Intellectual Capital, with PSG Academy to form a new entity known as the Moonstone Business School of Excellence.

All staff was retained to ensure continuity of existing training, and to maintain the levels of excellence from which the name of the new entity is derived.

Moonstone Business School of Excellence, in its own right, contains a wealth of experience which will stand the industry in good stead. This will be underpinned by the Moonstone group’s vast intellectual capital and industry experience.

Approved Qualifications

All five qualifications offered by Moonstone Business School of Excellence are approved by professional standards bodies, including the Department of Higher Education and Training, the South African Qualifications Authority, the Council on Higher Education and Inseta.

As a preferred training provider of the FPI, the Higher Education qualifications allow student membership to the FPI and exemption from the competency exams, which in turn allow access to the RFP™ and FSA™ designations.

E-learning training delivery options for full qualifications have been developed, and are available on our website.

Other training

In addition to the five qualifications, we also offer on-line National Credit Act training for intermediaries in the motor industry who are Finance and Insurance brokers as well as industry providers of personal loans, HP agreements, credit cards and revolving credit.

Moonstone Business School of Excellence also provides assistance to those who require assessment for recognition of prior learning.

Workplace Integrated Learning

Of particular value to employers is our experience of workplace integrated learning, which leads to the practical application of acquired knowledge. By employing subject matter experts, we ensure that learners receive practical, hands-on knowledge to apply back at the office.

Study Material

Our study guides are developed and quality assured by industry specialists to ensure that the content is practical in nature and applicable in the work environment.

Identification of Training Needs

Moonstone Business School of Excellence provides learners with a complete service to analyse and evaluate their training needs, and to assist them in obtaining a full qualification in a cost effective manner.

Training Delivery

We offer a variety of options to address learner specific needs:

  • Class room facilitation
  • Distance learning and
  • Online learning

Moonstone Business School of Excellence has a reputable standing in the industry for delivery, and its national footprint ensures training delivery to suit each learner’s needs.

Please click here to access our newly launched website for more information and contact details.

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