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Managing an FSB Compliant Practice

The FSB presentation on Tuesday, 3 September, is possibly the most comprehensive, up to date guide available on managing a practice, and the DVD belongs in the library of everyone who is serious about compliance. The agenda confirms this:

  1. Profile changes
  2. The representative register
  3. Risk-based supervision
  4. Services under supervision
  5. Regulatory examinations
  6. Date of first appointment
  7. Submission of FSB returns
  8. Suspensions and withdrawals
  9. Levy payments
  10. Debarments
  11. Enforcement action

Practical information, like names and contact details for specific enquiries, are provided to allow FSPs to address queries to the right source, rather than being shifted from pillar to post before receiving attention.

All participants are from the FSB, which provides viewers with insight into their approach on the issues at hand. If you were unable to attend, I strongly recommend that you purchase this DVD.

A DVD allows you to pause and make notes as you proceed. It is also a great training tool to equip staff with what they need to know about areas affecting them.

Please click here to purchase a DVD of the presentation. It is an excellent training tool, as are a number of the previous ones still available on our Shop page.

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