Important changes to Top 3 Rates in Moonstone Investment Indicators

Financial advisers place a high premium on the rates we publish every week, specifically because it can be presented to clients as unbiased and reliable, having been produced since July 2000.

The top 3 rates shown every Monday needed some review in the light of changed realities.

Most advisers charge 1.5% commission or less. We adjusted to this a few years ago by not only publishing the 3% rate, but also the 1.5% rate, which allowed advisers to show clients the positive impact their “commission sacrifice” had on client incomes.

We have now decided to also reflect these changes in our Top 3 rates as from today and will use the 1.5% basis to rank the rates.

In addition, we will not be publishing the R100 000 rates on the front page, as it appears that in the majority of actual scenarios this amount is no longer really relevant. Most product providers offer better rates above a certain level, but this differs from company to company. We have therefore decided to use only the R1 million rates, both the 1.5% and 3% commission basis in the Top 3 to highlight the benefit of lower commission to clients.

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