Health Market Inquiry Update

Investigations into the health market by the Competition Commission appear to have hit a bit of a hitch.

A media statement confirmed that the “Revised Administrative Timeline”, published on 1 December 2016 has been withdrawn and will be replaced with a “Provisional Findings and Recommendations Report” on 30 November 2017.

Legalbrief today notes:

“…according to a media statement announcing this last week, the team conducting the inquiry will continue to ‘engage with stakeholders on various matters’. In so doing, they may choose to: request information; call for submissions; conduct consultations; hold discussion seminars; and possibly even publish research reports.

While a deadline for completing the final document has yet to be determined, it is clearly not going to be available this year.

It is not clear from last week’s announcement why it became necessary to make yet another change to the timeline for an inquiry that began in October 2015, when its terms of reference were gazetted

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