FSB Telematic Broadcast on 19 June

This telematic broadcast by the FSB contained something for almost everyone. I found the presentations very informative, and at one stage even identifying new business opportunities. The Agenda of the FSB Insurance Satellite Workshop on 19 June 2013 covered:

  1. An Overview of Compliance with Binder Agreements (Marika Mattheüs – FSB Insurance Division)
  2. Replacement of Insurance Policies (Philip du Preez – Momentum)
  3. An Overview of Second Hand Policies (Carl Muller – Old Mutual)
  4. An Overview of Cell Captives (Abrie Coetzee – Momentum, Sashan Soobramoney – Old Mutual, Suzette Vogelsang – FSB Insurance Division)

I found the presentation on second-hand policies particularly enlightening in view of the many legislative changes affecting it since the last directive was issued in 2001. Many regular readers will know that I have a particular interest in replacements, and this presentation contains a lot of food for thought on this hot topic. The current focus on binder agreements and cell captive arrangements make it imperative for those involved in such arrangements to find out what the latest position is. Please click here if you require a DVD of the presentation.

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