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FSB Internet Technical Specifications

If you experience problems accessing information from the FSB website, please read the information below. This is copied directly from the Regulator’s website.

Internet Browsers

The FSB developed this website to work correctly using Internet Explorer for opening and downloading of documents.

FireFox is currently not supported.

The correct functioning of Google Chrome and Safari is also not guaranteed.

Audio and Video File Sizes and Download Speed

Audio and video files on the FSB website are currently restricted to a size of 80Mb and should not be expected to download in less than 18 minutes during working hours. After hours these can be expected to download in 12 minutes from a 3G connection.

Please note that these download speeds are estimated based on testing during business hours and after hours, but actual times for users will be determined by the speed of their connections, and also on the congestion of the FSB’s internet line, which may occasionally be higher than average on which these estimations were based.

Best Time for Downloading

It is recommended that downloading of large files from the FSB’s website should be done before 07:30 and after 17:00 on working days and any time on weekends.

Tablet Devices

Correct functioning of tablet devices is not guaranteed.

We note that proposed changes to the Financial Services Laws foresee publication of board notices on the Regulator’s website, rather than in the Government Gazette, which is the current requirement.

In view of the rapid growth and changes in the IT world, we trust that the limitations indicated above will be addressed by the FSB to allow fair access to all affected parties.

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