FSB Clarifies Press Release

In a media statement, issued on Thursday, 11 April 2013, the FSB advised that Zargogen, trading as Sharepartner, The Shareholder Partnership, TSP, was not a licenced FSP and investors were cautioned not to invest with such entity. This followed after a license application by Zargogen was declined on 07 December 2010.

It has subsequently come to the attention of the Registrar that a separate application by an entity called Trifecta Capital Services (Pty) Ltd t/a Trifecta Capital Services (FSP. 43375) was approved and it was granted a licence on 08 November 2011. Trifecta Capital Services appears to be known as The Share Partners / TSP. According to the available information, these details were unknown to the FSB.

This is indeed so. The Share Partners is a separate entity from the one referred to in the FSB media release. It is legally licensed and Moonstone was appointed as its compliance officer at approval.

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