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FSB Circular 10 on REs

There will no doubt be some very clever calculations done, based on the statistics contained in this circular. It never ceases to amaze me how some people can spend hours dissecting these figures for no apparent reason, other than to find something to gripe about.

All I want to say about the figures is that 84% of the key individuals who wrote, passed the exam, and for representatives, the corresponding figure is 85%.

What the industry needs to focus on now, is to help those who elected to write, but did not pass, to do so.

The reasons given for people failing on more than one occasion corresponds 100% with our observations in discussions with candidates. Failure to use the qualifying criteria is probably the single biggest contributor to the lack of success. If you do not know what you will be asked, how can you prepare properly?

We copy below some of the important information from the circular for those wishing to avail themselves of preparation opportunities provided by the FSB/Inseta workshops:

PLEASE NOTE: In order to co-ordinate an effective roll-out strategy, information is required from the affected candidates. This is extremely important as the information supplied will inform how, when and where assistance sessions can be provided. It is therefore critical for all candidates that will require assistance to submit their details via the “Preliminary Registration” process that is available on the websites provided below.

This is aimed at establishing the need, both in terms of numbers and where such workshops should be presented. The closing date for the preliminary registration is 16 November, after which an assessment will be conducted, and the next phase announced. This will entail another, final registration process, for the actual remedial workshops.

The INSETA website will be used for all registration related activities, and those who would like to submit their details for the preliminary registrations should please go to: On the home page please go to “Learner Registration for Remedial Intervention”. All the information regarding both preliminary registration processes can be found here.

We are very concerned about the time that will be taken up with this process, and the deadline of 31 March 2013. Quite possibly, there are two thoughts in the subconscious of some candidates: the first is an expectation of yet another extension of the deadline, and the second: having attended the workshop, that you will automatically pass.

Both assumptions are extremely dangerous. By leaving the writing of the exam to the very last opportunity, you severely limit your chances of writing again if you do not make it.

The December holiday period will also have a significant impact on preparation time.

Procrastination could turn out to be more than just the thief of time.

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