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FPI Financial Planner of the Year

We would like to add our congratulations to the following top eight entrants who have successfully advanced to the second round of this year’s FPI Financial Planner of the Year Award.

  • Craig Torr, CFP® – Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd in Pinelands
  • Dirk Groeneveld, CFP® – Client Care in Port Elizabeth
  • Francois Le Roux, CFP® – Private Wealth Management in Pretoria
  • Janet Hugo, CFP® – Sterling Private Clients in Johannesburg
  • Melony Jacoby, CFP® – Mvest Finance in Durban
  • Mark MacSymon, CFP® – Private Client Holdings in Cape Town
  • Lisa Hudson – Peacock, CFP®– Southwood Financial Planning in Tokia
  • Thayn Niemand,CFP® – Verso Wealth (Pty) Ltd in East London

To proceed to round two, entrants had to submit a portfolio of evidence which contained a detailed, holistic financial plan based on the FPI Financial Plan Guide, as well as any supporting documentation relevant to the financial plan. Scoring was based on the six-step financial planning process and the documentation as evidence in the client’s file.

In round two, currently underway, each of the eight entrants will have a panel site visit by the judges where their practices will be assessed on all aspects of compliance, practice management, as well as all client documentation and financial planning processes. The financial plan submitted in round one will be authenticated during the site visits.

From the site visit scoring, the top three finalists will be chosen to go to round three where they will be required to present to a panel on a selected topic and questioned on a variety of industry trends, topics, technical information and legislative changes. Round three of the competition will be held in August at the FPI offices in Johannesburg.

Having reached the final eight is in itself a great achievement, and we wish you all the best for the rest of the competition.

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