Financial Intelligence Centre Fixes

Many readers received a “request for account rejected” notification from the FIC following their online registration on the new “goAML” system.

The reasons for rejection include:

1) 1st Phase FIC verification (Sec 43b CO):
  Copy of ID not certified
  Copy of ID not clear
  No First Name, Last Name & ID number of the person registering indicated on the Authorisation Form
  No role of the person registering indicated on the Authorisation Form
  No contact details of the person registering indicated on Authorisation Form
  No contactable references on the Authorisation Form
2) 2nd Phase FIC verification (Business Details):
  Non-completion of Incorporation/Registration Number field & Registered Name
  Non completion of Incorporation legal form, City, State/Province, Country & Contact person

The reason for the 2nd phase rejections included the non-completion of fields that were not indicated as mandatory on the goAML platform.

To avoid this, kindly complete all the fields during the registration process.

Where the rejection notification was received during the first phase verification, it means that affected Accountable Institutions must register anew. You cannot log in with your previously provided username and password. All previously provided information must be resubmitted.

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