Correction to Moonstone Article on Licensing

We were approached by the Registrar regarding some of the information contained in an article titled “FSB Licensing – Part I”. The FSB pointed out certain statements in the article which are incorrect, and can cause confusion in the industry. We are therefore retracting the article, and would like to clarify the following matters.


Moonstone is a “recognised body”, providing licence application assistance. This is incorrect. Moonstone is not an FSB approved Recognised Body in terms of licensing. All recognised body statuses were withdrawn on 31 March 2012. Our service, since this date, entails assistance to licence applicants who wish to avail themselves of our experience, rather than handle the process on their own.


In terms of a FSB ruling, we are obliged to cancel an application if the process takes longer than 3 months, as the information is then regarded as no longer being up to date. This is not correct. Only the FSB has the authority to cancel an application, or decline it.

We apologise for any confusion which may have resulted from this.

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