Claiming Reading Points for Continuous Professional Development

After the FSB announced the indefinite postponement of the Level 2 Regulatory Examinations and with it the adherence to Continuous Professional Development, a large portion of the industry is relieved that they “don’t have to” meet the CPD requirement yet.

However, from a professionalism perspective, the advisors and representatives in the industry should not be doing CPD because they are forced to by a Fit and Proper standard, but because they see the benefit in remaining up to date with relevant changes in the industry, changes in legislation, latest economic trends and best practices, to name but a few reasons. Professional financial planners and advisors don’t need regulations to force them to keep up to date with these changes. They actively acquired knowledge in many ways, develop their skills to apply this knowledge and implement their learning in their practices.

As a professional body, FPI provides various opportunities for members to develop themselves or earn CPD points. Professional reading on relevant topics that can be linked to the various components of financial planning, qualifies for unstructured CPD as defined in the FPI CPD policy.

FPI recognises the quality of the content of Moonstone Investment Indicators 2014 and would like to reward our professional members with 0.5 CPD point for reading the magazine and gaining knowledge on relevant topics. This will be applicable to each edition as FPI is confident that the content will continually be of a high standard and in line with the financial components in the FPI Competency Profile. Should any of our members read more articles and thus upload more CPD points as per current policy that would also be welcomed and supported.

We would like to congratulate the editor and his team for putting this magazine together.

Sherma Malan

Senior Certification Manager FPI

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