The Price of Procrastination

I received a call from a broker a few weeks ago:

R: I am writing on the 28th of September, and mark my words, if I do not pass, there will be hell to pay!

Me: So you obviously wrote before 30 June?

R: In September last year.

Me: So why did you wait until the very last to rewrite?

R: I was too busy.

I did not pursue how he intends to wreak havoc in case he does not pass, but rather focussed on how I can help him to improve his chances of success.

I share this with readers to give them an idea of how people are sometimes the victims of their folly.

Please understand that we have a lot of empathy with those who still need to pass. Having the deadline hovering like a guillotine over one’s head is bad enough – knowing that your boss insists on an undated resignation letter, doubles the stress.

We are not talking about a stroll in the park here. People’s livelihood, and their ability to make a living, are at stake here. Hopefully, this extension will provide the lifeline to help them pass the exams.

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