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Welcome signs of a market rotation after pandemic

Concerning recent market performance, Philipp Wörz, fund manager at PSG Asset Management, states:  “Equity markets continued to show strong positive momentum this quarter. Locally, the JSE All Share Index (ALSI) finally broke through its pre-pandemic record high set in 2018. It has delivered its strongest first quarter performance in 15 years, posting a quarterly total […]

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Where are we now, one year since the start of Covid-19?

“The Covid-19 global pandemic has caused ripples through global financial markets as the virus continues to spread across the globe,” according to a Moneyweb article of 18 March 2020. Approximately one year down the line, Adriaan Pask, PSG Wealth CIP reports that this time last year, investors did not yet know that the quickest sell-off on record […]

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Was this advice given, taking due care and diligence? You be the judge

Justice delayed is justice denied. A recent determination, which resulted in the matter being referred to the Tribunal, underlines the validity of this old saying. A brief glance at the latest determinations published on the FAIS Ombud’s website reveals that investment related determinations hog the limelight. The last short-term case dates back to 2018. What […]

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raging bull award

Raging Bull Awards not only about annual performance

Every year the Raging Bull Awards, hosted by Personal Finance, honours the leaders of the collective South African investment schemes industry. Up for grabs this year were 30 certificates for the best funds in their categories and eight Raging Bull trophies for the top-performing funds for performance to the end of 2020, with the highlights […]

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Investments – How to manage perceived risk

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused much market uncertainty both locally and globally this year. Many investors choose to change their risk exposure during market uncertainty because their perception of risk has changed. But decisions made in a moment of heightened risk perception can be detrimental to achieving long-term investment goals. “This is because risk perception […]

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Investments – Are all money markets equal?

“Money market funds offer a useful parking bay for investors’ cash allocations, allowing you to earn better returns than bank rates with good liquidity. But when it comes to picking money market funds, investors tend to focus on one metric only: yield. By implication, this oversimplistic comparison assumes that aside from yield, all money market […]

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Savings and Investments – Financial adviser plays key role in financial education

Old Mutual’s Savings & Investment Monitor also points out that there is no greater time than now for people to make responsible and informed financial decisions to ensure they can withstand the pressure and not compromise their long-term savings goals and financial futures. ”As the custodian of so many people’s financial futures, we are acutely […]

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Investments uncertainty – Assist your clients to have “cooler” thoughts

With the extreme market volatility and emotional turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s understandable that investors are concerned about their investments. According to Nomi Bodlani, head of strategic markets at Allan Gray, investors may fall prey to “hot thinking”, to the detriment of their investments. Behavioural scientists refer to a certain type of thinking […]

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