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demarcation regulations

Yay or Nay to Demarcation Regulations?

The demarcation between health insurance and medical schemes has a long history, going back as far as 2000 after the enactment of the Medical Schemes Act no. 131 of 1998. The basis of the demarcation debate was the fact that certain health insurance products were deemed to infringe on and compete unfairly with medical schemes, without […]

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Breathing space for Medical Insurers

Demarcation Regulations, published on 23 December 2016, determined that certain insurance policies that have elements of a business of a medical scheme shall be ‘health policies’, and ‘accident and health policies’ respectively. The ‘health policies’, and ‘accident and health policies’ determined as such by the Minister of Finance exclude primary healthcare products and hospital indemnity products. These […]

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DA Reacts to Demarcation Regulations

In a media release on the matter, the Democratic Alliance states: This poorly conceived decision demonstrates just how ideologically constrained the Ministers have become when it comes to ensuring that poor South Africans have access to quality health care across the country. The party intends requesting that a full regulatory impact assessment be conducted as […]

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