RE Status Certification

Last week, we discussed the need for proof of your regulatory exam status.

Let’s follow the instructions from “The sound of music” and start at the very beginning.

As soon as your paper has been marked, the result is sent to the FSB for verification. On receipt of confirmation from the regulator, our system automatically generates an e-mail, containing details of the results, to the address supplied at registration.

Those who pass, will receive a “securitised” certificate as an attachment, while those who did not pass, will see their results in the e-mail. Those who supplied an incorrect e-mail address (and there are hundreds of them) will of course not receive anything.

At the moment, it is very important that you retain that e-mail, in order to forward it to product houses who may require proof of your RE status.

This applies even more so to those who did not pass. This is your proof that you did write before the 30/6 deadline, which qualifies you to re-write before the end of September.

The certificate issued to successful candidates was approved by the FSB. It contains a bar code which corresponds with your ID number as a means of security, and to indicate authenticity. Not that we do not have sufficient “entrepreneurial” flair in our beloved country to create false certificates, but fortunately the market may not be big enough.

And no, there is no truth in the rumour that the bar code can be scanned in at your nearest pub in exchange for a celebratory drink.

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