Pending Legislative Changes and the Regulatory Exams

Documents released in December 2016 reveal that the FSB intends changing no fewer than seven (7) pieces of legislation in the near future, some possibly coming into effect as early as May 2017.

Those who have a RE deadline of 30 June 2017 need to take this into account when planning when to write. Legislative changes impact on the questions in the exam and current study material.

Making the necessary changes to the study material is a logistical nightmare. In the past, the new material did not reflect what changes were brought about, with the result that students had to start afresh.

We advise all RE candidates, and particularly those obliged to write by the end of June this year, to endeavour to write before such changes are implemented.

Avoid this costly error

Many candidates confuse the two most common regulatory exams available, possibly as a result of the misleading title of the Level 1 REs.

If you are a representative, you are required to write the RE 5 which is for representatives, not the RE 1, which is for Key Individuals. Quite often candidates arrive at the exam centre, having prepared for the rep’s exam, but registered for the KI exam.

Due to security requirements, exam papers are printed strictly according to how you registered. If you registered for the wrong exam, we are not able to provide you with an alternative paper, and you forfeit the exam fee, in terms of the conditions laid down by the FSB.


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