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New FSB Fees

The new fees payable to the Registrar of Financial Services were announced on 25 March 2015. A few noteworthy changes are:

Item Current
Category I Application 2180 2311
Category II Application 13180 13971
Key individual Approval 1180 1251
Approval of an amendment to an approved mandate or application for approval of an additional approved mandate 3860
Application for Extension of submission of financial statement under Sec 19(2) of FAIS 550
General Exemption (Other than RE Qualification) 6280 6657
Exemption by an Individual from the Qualification requirement or RE requirement 1500 1590
Exemption by a FSP on behalf of 10 or more KI’s/Representatives of that FSP from the qualification requirement or RE requirement 1100
CO: Phase I approval 1350 1431
CO: Phase II approval
With the current fees, a distinction was made between a natural person appointed by a CO Practice (R220) and natural person not appointed by a CO Practice (R700). This distinction has now fallen away.
220 742
Regulatory Examinations in South Africa 1050 1113

The new fees are effective from 25 April 2015.

Those who wish to effect any of the above applications or changes, or register for the regulatory exams at the old rates, are advised to bear in mind that the new fees come onto effect on 25 April 2015.

For more information on licensing matters, please visit our website, or contact Abigail on 021 883 8000, or via email to

To register for the regulatory exams please click here.

Please click here to download the National Treasury document containing full details of the fee increases.

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