Avoid Losing your Licence!

On 5 December, the first “Notification of Intention to Suspend Authorisation” (NISA) letters were sent to those people who, according to the FSB’s information, failed to write the required regulatory exams at least once before 30 June 2012.

Please see the article below for more details.

One thing is clear – the gloves are off as far as those who did not write before 30 June 2012 are concerned.

Our advice is that you communicate your intention to write to the Regulator, and include proof of your registration for the exams.

It is important to remember the time frames involved when writing the exams. We need at least two weeks notice of when you intend writing, in order to set the logistics in place. Then it takes about a week to mark your paper, and register the result with the FSB, after which we are allowed to provide you with the outcome.

If you fail, it means a repeat of this process. This could mean that, should you not pass at the first attempt, you may not be able to write in the limited time available, which could lead to the withdrawal of your licence.

Please also bear in mind that there are still many re-writers who have until the end of March to write. This could mean limited availability of seats, depending on where you want to write.

Please note that our offices are only open till next Friday, the 14th. Registration is electronic, which means you can do so at any stage, but we recommend that you rather do so before the 14th, in case you require assistance.

Please click below for the latest exam schedules, and to access the registration page.

You are welcome to call our offices at 021 888 9796 with any enquiries you may have, or send an e-mail to

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