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Non-disclosure of material terms – Costly omission by FSP

“The customer is always right” – a slogan that encourages especially service staff to give a high priority to customer satisfaction. In today’s testing economic times, and yesterday’s budget speech is testimony to this, consumers are testing the market to ensure that they get what they feel they are entitled to. The financial services industry […]

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The crown of peace

A closer look at the background to non-disclosures The “Momentum debacle”, as it became known in the media, has certainly drawn a lot of public and media comment and interest. Many a commentator used it as a convenient whip to lash the insurance industry. The more balanced reports pointed out that the decision to refute […]

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Non-disclosure drama

Non-disclosure drama – Tips on the broker’s role to ensure a better outcome at claim stage In the midst of a raging social media war, journalists writing about the pros and cons of the final outcome (or is it?) and PR companies using the Momentum case as “lessons learnt” exercise, it’s important, although difficult, to […]

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In good faith

A case study recently published by the Short-term Ombudsman reiterates the basic principle that short-term insurance is a contract entered into in good faith and that there was no obligation on an insurer to verify the information at the sales stage of the policy. Mr Y submitted a claim for a single motor vehicle accident. […]

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