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Short- and long-term Ombud – One entry point for complaints from 2020

“As from January 1 2020, retired Judge Ron McLaren will be the single watchdog for both the short-term (non-life) and long-term (life) insurance industries,” BusinessLive reported yesterday. According to the article, the two ombud offices will continue to operate separately within their current defined jurisdictions, but with a single port of entry for complainants who […]

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Long Term Ombud Annual Report – Cases resolved in favour of complainants increased

“We received 11 768 written requests for assistance, including 5 978 chargeable complaints. In total, 3 367 cases were finalised, of which 31.5% were resolved wholly or partially in favour of complainants”, Judge Ron McLaren, Ombudsman for Long Term Insurance shares in the just-released 2018 Annual Report. He highlighted the following:  91% of complaints were […]

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Draft Policyholder Protection Rules submitted to Parliament

The FSB published the Long- and Short-term proposals last Wednesday. Included in the documentation is a comments matrix reflecting the Regulator’s responses to industry input. It is interesting to note the inclusion of “Fair Treatment of Policyholders” as a specific rule in both the long- and short-term versions of the PPRs. In the past, it […]

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Long-term Ombud Performance Review

Judge Leona Theron, a judge of the Supreme Court of Appeal and Chairperson of the Long-term Ombudsman Council, made mention in the 2015 annual report of an independent review of the office of the Ombud. Dr E de la Rey was appointed to conduct a performance audit which entailed an in-depth investigation and a qualitative […]

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