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Compliance reports don’t have to be submitted this year

The FSCA has decided that compliance officers or FSPs will not have to submit compliance reports this year. This was also the case from 2019 to 2021. This was one of the announcements in FAIS Communication 13 concerning compliance reports, handover reports and irregularity reports. The FSCA said it is in the process of developing […]

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FSTC Webinar for Compliance Officers on B-BBEE Reporting FAQ’s

Part of the mandate of the FSTC is to both drive and measure transformation against the backdrop of the set Financial Sector Code targets. This is done annually through a report which is a consolidation of the B-BBEE reports  submitted by reporting entities. The Financial Sector Transformation Council (FSTC) invites all Compliance Officers in the financial […]

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Exemption for Compliance Officers

FAIS Notice 119, published on 13 September 2017, contains details of changes to the minimum prescribed intervals of visits and reports by compliance officers as contained in Section 4(4) of the Notice on Compliance Officers. These changes are as a result of feedback from the industry in response to an invitation by the Regulator. In essence, the […]

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REs for Compliance Officers

We recently published a template showing the deadlines for compliance officers to successfully complete specific regulatory exams. The FSB very kindly expanded on our original publication, including CO’s for Licence Category 4, and also provided clarity on certain aspects regarding COs who work under supervision. Please note: this applies to registered compliance officers only. If you […]

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