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RPL | Terms & Conditions



In these Terms and Conditions: RPL, unless the context indicates otherwise:

Appeal‘ means an appeal is defined as the process whereby the candidate wishes to challenge the accuracy or fairness of a final outcome of the assessment against the content as being technically incorrect, ambiguous or unfair;

Assessment‘ means the Knowledge, Practical and Workplace modules prescribed by the QCTO of which a candidate is required to successfully complete;

AQP‘ means Assessment Quality Partner, in this case Moonstone Information Refinery (Pty) Ltd;

Candidate‘ means a person required to successfully complete the RPL portfolio;

Complaint‘ means a complaint as may be lodged by a candidate directed at the RPL process or procedures;

QCTO‘ means the Quality Council for Trade and Occupation;

Rules‘ means the rules (Terms and Conditions: RPL) which regulate the assessments, which are set out herein and bind the candidate.

MIR‘ means Moonstone Information Refinery (Pty) Ltd

    • Please note that the Knowledge and Practical are generic modules, however, you need to choose if you would like to do the Workplace in Statutory Insurance / Road Accident Fund, Health Insurance, Short-Term Insurance or Long-Term Insurance.
    • Moonstone Information Refinery (Pty) Ltd is an Assessment Quality Partner with the QCTO and not a Skills Development Partner and therefore not in a position to provide any training to close assessment gaps.
    • Should candidates not be successful with a Knowledge Assessment it will be their own responsibility to either register with a Skills Development Provider for up-skilling or do self-study and research.
    • Should they not be successful with either the Practical or Workplace Assessment they will have to make arrangements within the workplace to gain the necessary exposure.
    • The QCTO requires that all candidates undertaking occupational programmes registered on NQF levels 3 – 4 be assessed against the Foundational Learning Competence part qualifications and if found “not yet competent” must complete the specified communication and mathematical literacy courses. It is the candidate’s own responsibility to register and complete these components with the IEB.
    • It is important that the surname, full names and signature of the candidate are written clearly into the relevant space on the assessment sheets.
    • Candidates may not act in a dishonest way with regard to any assessment.
    • Timelines for POE submissions will be agreed upon during the orientation session and must be adhered to.
    • Supervisor / Mentor in the workplace need to complete and submit the declaration of their commitment in the candidate’s RPL process.
    • Candidates will need to achieve an overall 50% to pass the Knowledge Assessment. They have 1 hour to complete the Knowledge Assessment. If they fail to complete the assessment within 1 hour, they will automatically be logged out of the assessment and you will obtain a FAILED mark.
    • Candidates have 40 days to complete the Practical Assessment. After completion, submit assessment document together with relevant documentation used during the assessment on the Moonstone LMS. If no documents are uploaded on or before the specified date, the candidate will automatically obtain a NOT YET COMPETENT outcome.
    • Candidates have 40 days to complete the Workplace Assessment. After completion, submit assessment document together with relevant documentation used during the assessment on the Moonstone LMS. If no documents are uploaded on or before the specified date, the candidate will automatically obtain a NOT YET COMPETENT outcome.
  • Any non-compliance with the rules or misconduct during the RPL Process is viewed in a very serious light by the Authority. Where a candidate is guilty of any misconduct during the RPL or any non-compliance with the Rules:
    • The AQP must bring such misconduct or non-compliance with the Rules of any candidate to the attention of the Authority.
    • The Authority will investigate, and the appropriate regulatory action will be taken based on the outcome of such investigation.
    • The candidate may forfeit his/her assessment results.
  • The AQP shall bring any conduct of any candidate failing with the provisions of paragraph above to the attention of the Authority.

Candidates have the right to:

  • Register a Complaint directed at the RPL process or procedures.
  • Lodge an Appeal against the accuracy or fairness of a final outcome of the assessment against the content as being technically incorrect, ambiguous or unfair.


  • When a candidate encounters a question (s) against which he/she intends to lodge an Appeal, the candidate must immediately ask the invigilator for the documentation to support his/her Appeal and record the specific question number/s appealed against including the reason(s) for the Appeal.
  • A candidate awaiting the outcome of an Appeal need not wait for the result before applying to redo the specific assessment under review or Appeal.
  • An outstanding Appeal outcome does not exempt a candidate from meeting the submission deadline dates.
  • Appeals do attract an administrative fee payable by the appealing candidate. No appeal will be processed by the AQP until the Appeal has been formally lodged on the appropriate form and the fee of R250 has been paid.
  • Outcome appeals must be formally lodged with MIR within 5 working days of receipt of your final outcome result.
  • The moderator will re-mark the candidate’s assessment and formal feedback will be provided to the candidate by the AQP.
  • The AQP will communicate the outcome of the Appeal to the appealing candidate. In the event that the appealing candidate is dissatisfied with the outcome of the appeal, the candidate shall have the right to communicate his/her dissatisfaction to the QCTO. The Authority’s decision will be FINAL.

If you are unable to complete the assessment before the specified time, you can apply for Extension of Assessment. This application must be lodged with the RPL Advisor 10 days prior to the submission due date. Notification of the outcome will be via email. Applications without appropriate supporting documentation will not be considered.


It is the responsibility of each candidate to ensure that all the required data provided is accurate during the registration process. Data provided during the registration process will be used when uploading information to the QCTO data base.

Names, surnames and identity numbers provided during the registration process will be used to upload results to the QCTO and to issue certificates. It is the responsibility of the candidate that his/her name is spelled correctly and reflects the information on their identity document.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to keep MIR informed of any changes to his/her contact details.


Provisions are made for candidates with disabilities. This may include:

  • Sight impaired (can be accommodated with an Oral assessment)
  • Hearing impaired
  • Movement impaired
  • Learning/developmental disabilities – Mentally impaired (ADHD, ADD, Bipolar, Dyslexia, Tourettes Syndrome)

If a candidate is disabled or has a condition which he/she believes should be taken into consideration in assessing his/her assessment performance, he/she should notify Moonstone – Registration Department in writing, enclosing medical evidence such as a doctor’s letter. Applications without medical evidence will not be considered. Candidates must make any special needs known to Moonstone upon registration.

The application should accompany the candidate’s assessment entry so that timely provision can be made for the candidate. Moonstone will hold the candidate’s medical evidence on file, but the candidate must submit a written reminder before each subsequent assessment for which the learner registers.


Methods of payment:

  • EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer);
  • Secure Online Card Payment (we accept VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club and American-Express);

The Finance Department will approve the online registration as soon as payment is received.
Make sure you use your invoice number as reference when making the payment. Also be careful to enter the correct banking details (as indicated on the invoice.)

Proof of payment must be submitted to the Finance Department, after receiving the invoice. Note that no RPL material will be released before proof of payment is received, and before the candidate profile is considered complete.

If your employer is making payment on your behalf and they require a Tax Invoice for payment, this may be requested from our Finance Department.

Fees paid are not transferable to another candidate; be that the candidate is from the same company or external.

NOTE: No candidate will be considered registered for RPL if the assessment fee is outstanding.

Fee Structure:

  • RPL Process

Please see Fee document

Additional fees:

  • Appeal
  • Knowledge Module
  • Online re-assessment
  • Paper based re-assessment

Please see Fee document


  • In case of a cancellation after the payment date* of a candidate, but before an orientation session or E-learning page is accessed by the candidate on MIR’s E-learning platform, a 30% cancellation fee will apply (provided that no RPL material was accessed).
  • In case of a cancellation after registration of a candidate, and after an orientation session has been attended or E-learning has been accessed by the candidate, a 100% cancellation fee will apply (no refund or replacement can be provided).
  • Due to the identity verification that needs to take place, MIR does not provide for replacement of candidates with substitute candidates. In exceptional cases where sufficient notice is provided, and with management approval, MIR will consider substitution of candidates.
  • Should a refund apply, the candidate is required to submit all required documentation, along with the completed refund request form (request from Finance Department).
  • No refund is permissible on Additional Fees (e.g. appeals, re-assessment fees etc.).

 The payment date is considered to be the date on which the payment reflects on our bank statement and registration is therefore confirmed.

  • Should candidate’s be working in a group on the same question/ case study, it is important for them to answer in their OWN WORDS. Direct copying is not allowed.
  • Any direct copying from a source will require an indication from which source was copied from e.g. website/ book, page number as well as the date the data was retrieved.
  • Direct copying will not be accepted for all their answers as this will be seen as purely copy and pasting.
  • When copying/plagiarism is identified by an assessor, the assessor must clearly indicate this at the specific question, as well as in the assessor’s report with referencing to pages, question numbers as well as the other candidate the work was copied from.
  • This will allow the internal moderator as well as the verifier to check.
  • If plagiarism is detected the candidate’s portfolio will undergo an investigation and reporting process where incidents of cheating and plagiarism etc. have been identified.
  • All incidences must be referred to the moderator, the Human Resource Department of the employer for disciplinary action to be taken as well as the QCTO as applicable.
  • The Assessment results will be e-mailed to the candidate within 21 days of final submission.
  • The candidate needs to achieve an overall 50% to pass the Knowledge Assessment and comply with all the Practical and Workplace Components.
  • All results, assessed by our assessors, are subject to moderation, and/or internal audits.
  • A candidate has 3 (three) months to complete his/her Recognition of Prior Learning.
  • If the submission dates cannot be met, a request for extension may be submitted to the AQP 10 days prior to the according date. All such requests will be deliberated according to merit. A maximum however, of 12 (twelve)months will be allowed.
  • Scheduled / communicated submission dates are compulsory.
  • If the candidate is found competent for the completed assessments in RPL, the candidate will be registered to write the final External Integrated Summative Assessment.
  • The main assessment centres are: Sandton (Gauteng), Pretoria (Gauteng), Cape Town (Western Cape), and Durban (KwaZulu-Natal). Specific dates will be communicated.

Attendance of Face-to-Face Orientation

  • Candidates are required to be at the venue 30 minutes before the actual starting time of the workshop in order to go through the registration and identification procedures.
  • Failure to arrive in time causes unnecessary stress for you and a disturbance to the candidates who arrived on time.

Candidates who fail to arrive for the workshop as a result of a valid reason need to contact the Registration department directly on 021 883 8000.

Each case will be considered on its own merit and the necessary evidence as well as relevant documentation need to be forwarded to  The validity of each case will be considered.  If valid, the workshop will be re-scheduled at no extra cost.

Our Registration Call Centre is available weekdays during business hours 08h00 – 16h00

I agree to the terms and conditions