External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA)
Occupational Certificate: Insurance Claims Administrator (Insurance Claims Assessor)

External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA)

Assessment Quality Partner: Occupational Certificate: Claims Administrator

Moonstone is an appointed Assessment Quality Partners (AQP) for the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) for a standardised assessment instrument for external integrated summative assessment of the QCTO qualification:

Certificate: Insurance Claims Administrator (Claims Assessor)
SAQA ID: 99668

Access to the External Integrated Summative Assessment:

The purpose  is to promote consistency and credibility of the occupational qualifications issued. The criteria for this assessment is specified in the assessment specifications document and is also captured in the occupational qualifications document.

The external assessment will be conducted by means of written assessments at accredited assessment centres approved by Moonstone Information Refinery (AQP) over a period of not more than 3 hours. This assessment will only be available in English.  The cost of the assessment will be R 2 500.

In order to qualify for access to the external integrated summative assessment, learners must be found competent on all components of the qualification.

  • The knowledge modules
  • The practical skills modules
  • Workplace experience
  • Foundational Learning Competence (Two learning areas: Communication and Mathematical literacy. The IEB are the responsible body appointed by the QCTO)

These four components are the admission requirements and will give you access to the eisa. The Skills Development Provider will automatically upload the results to the QCTO and when all the components are uploaded the QCTO will provide Moonstone with the necessary information so that a EISA can be prepared within 3 months.