Moonstone Communicator

Moonstone Communicator

Select Download link (i) icon below and we’ll have you up & running in minutes.

Desktop / laptop: Install the Moonstone Communicator on your computer to receive news, calendar events, important notices and more!

Mobile:  You can also install the Moonstone Communicator on your mobile phone / tablet.

Please note: The Moonstone Communicator is available on –

Once downloaded – Open the application (The i icon should appear on your desktop)

  1. Enter your email address (important use the address to which your email invite to download the application was sent) 
  2. Select “request password” option
  3. Check your inbox for your password
  4. Enter the password 
  5. You should now have access!

Any problems or issues please contact Alra – 021 883 8000

Download Windows application here:

While downloading click “save” and thereafter “run”

The Moonstone Communicator, powered by d6 Technology, is safe and secure and is used daily by more than ¼ million people worldwide.