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Letters from readers

In today’s article we share three pieces of correspondence. E-mail 1: This mail, dated 15 December, was sent to the FSB: People are talking about a test that has to be done by the key person before September 2012. We do not know anything about it. Is it true, and where do we get the […]

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Study Material for the RE's

It appears that a lot of questions we receive every day are based on hearsay, speculation or inappropriate reference to available resources. At the risk of sounding like a recording, we have to stress that you cannot prepare correctly, or properly, unless you know what you will be tested on. The 8 Qualifying Criteria(QC) for […]

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Why are Level 1 questions not Industry specific?

A number of candidates complained that the Level 1 REs contain questions not related to their sector of the industry. It is common knowledge that the Level 2 REs will be product specific. I discussed this with our question development team. The basis for setting any question is the qualifying criteria, and the applicable legislation. […]

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Exams around the corner

Compliance report workshop for category I FSPs without a compliance officer. Compliance Reports for these FSPs cover the period 1 January 2011 until 31 December 2011 and need to be submitted ELECTRONICALLY to the FSB before 28 FEBRUARY 2012. The workshop will be a telematics broadcast to various centres around the country, so there should […]

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