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6 Steps to write good Facebook posts for your adviser business

In June 2019 there were an estimated 17,1 million Facebook users in South Africa, which accounts for 29.3% of the entire population. Although it is much less compared to the global figures, the growth in South African social media users has been remarkable. Besides sharing photos and to stay in touch with friends and family, […]

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Continuous Professional Development – Proper planning prevents last minute panic

The Fit and Proper Determination requires that certain individuals obtain a specified number of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours within a 12-month cycle between 1 June and 31 May. One of the most important aspects of CPD is planning. It’s about not waiting until the last minute before you start accumulating mandatory CPD hours. Did you know […]

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Complaint insights – View it as feedback from your customer

We are all aware that the FAIS Ombud is responsible for promoting consumer protection and fostering the integrity of the financial services industry by resolving complaints in a manner that is impartial, expeditious, economical, accessible and, at all times, equitable. Naresh Tulsie, FAIS Ombud, recently mentioned that the FAIS Ombud’s office has two goals. “The […]

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Insurance switching – The devil is in the detail

“Short Term Insurance complaints remain the highest number of complaints received by this Office”. This is the view of Marc Alves of the FAIS Ombud’s office. In a recent FAIS Ombud newsletter he shares that one of the most significant causes for complaints received by the FAIS Ombud, is the replacement of short-term insurance policies, […]

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Microinsurers – Proposed exemption for Credit Life

The FSCA has published the draft exemption for Microinsurers offering Credit Life from Rule 2A.10.1 of the Policyholder Protection Rules which states “A microinsurance policy or a funeral policy may not prescribe that a policy benefit payable as a sum of money is payable directly to a service provider.” FSCA Communication 6 of 2019 notes that […]

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Social Media – Not just for millennials

“Aside from the controversy it’s found itself in because of its involvement in spreading ‘fake news,’ Facebook is still possibly the most powerful social media platform on Earth”, Johnny Sandquist, owner of Three Crowns Copywriting and Marketing, recently shared in an blog post published on the Covisum website. He further explains that although the social […]

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