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Catastrophes and the Bottom Line

Using attention-grabbing adjectives in news headlines to describe life-changing events has been the preserve of news offices around the world for years. Over the course of the past few weeks, news reports have delivered the devastating consequences of fires in South Africa, monsoon flooding in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, earthquakes in Mexico and hurricanes in […]

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Old wine in new casks

The case of Takaful: an interest-free participation-based insurance system It is difficult to believe that in this modern world, with all the technology at its disposal, financial product providers sometimes reverts to antiquated financial principles in designing new products. Global alternative financing systems like Islamic finance is not a new concept. The Financial Times explains […]

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Chatbots and the Future of Insurance

If your insurance business or brokerage does not have a digital component to its overall strategy you are what we would call a sitting duck. The fact is, tomorrow’s insurance is here. It is in the unpredictable weather and resultant claims from it. It is in the demand for ‘pick and pay’ types of insurance […]

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Shifts in the Liability Insurance Landscape

Political challenges in our country and its consequences for our economy has taken over most of the headlines in the first quarter of 2017 but recent news events like the Ford Kuga recall and different forms of cybercrime has turned the spotlight on the proliferating types of liabilities businesses can face. Liability insurance is said […]

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Big data: What’s the big deal?

They say big data is here to stay and yet, globally, many organisations have no clue what it means or how to use it. Like confidence, big data can mean different things to different people. In the Complete Beginner’s Guide to Big Data in 2017, industry analyst Bernhard Marr writes: “In 2017, we generate data […]

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The Journey to On-Demand Insurance

Worldwide references to “disruption” and the “on-demand economy” have been around long enough for us to have witnessed the start of its meteoric rise and globally, parts of the transport, food and general retail sectors have already made forays into this consumer-obsessed sphere, proving wildly successful at last check. No, the world is no longer […]

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Quo Vadis, Insurance Intermediaries?

When American insurance guru John F. Carroll started his successful InsuranceSplash in 2009, it was informed by direct observations which led to some profound conclusions: It’s getting harder and harder to successfully market an insurance agency every day; Insurance companies are far more concerned about their bottom line than those of agents; and Agents are […]

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Embracing Technology in Your Business

A fluctuating economy, a competitive financial services landscape and abundant new legislation are just three of the countless challenges South African financial advisers contend with today. But while these challenges will undoubtedly contribute to shaping the industry’s future, embracing technology and staying abreast of strategies to improve your current offering could be the difference between […]

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Women in the Financial Services Industry

In The Ascent of Money, Niall Ferguson tells the human story about the evolution of the world’s financial system, noting that “the ascent of money has been essential to the ascent of man.” Indeed. In June 2016, global management consultancy, Oliver Wyman, released its second paper on women’s progress in the world’s financial services sector. […]

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