Study Material for the Regulatory Examinations

There was a huge upsurge in registrations for the exams, as well as a lot of enquiries about study material.

Some people have no idea where to start, while others complain that there is so much material available, that they do not know where to start.

As an FSB appointed examination body, we are not allowed to endorse any study material or training service provider, nor do we have the time or infrastructure to work through all the available options. We can, however, provide some pointers as to how you should go about preparing.

We pointed out before that the questions in the FSB databank for the exams were drawn up using the qualifying criteria, which is available in the FSB preparation guide.

Obviously, the information required to comply with the tasks set out in the qualifying criteria is contained in various pieces of legislation like the FAIS Act, the General Code of Conduct and various Board Notices.

While the qualifying criteria is freely available, the relevant legislation is proving to be a problem for many candidates. The best “free” site to find it is on the FSB website, where the updated legislation can be downloaded.

Another source that you may want to consider is the Juta Pocket Statutes on FAIS and FICA.

LexisNexis also publish a neat preparation kit consisting of a legislation handbook and a preparation guide. The latter contains the qualifying criteria, with specific page references in the legislation handbook where you can find the required information. Please contact these suppliers directly, should you wish to order their publications.

While it would be ideal to read through material like the Inseta study guide to obtain the big picture, there is only ten weeks left before the 28 June deadline. If you want to study in a focussed manner, we suggest you consider using the bare necessities: The qualifying criteria and the legislation.

Please do not allow fear or panic to paralyze you. There is enough time and enough resources to make it.

You can do it! As an added inspiration, consider putting a bottle of bubbly in the fridge.


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